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1.  Use act4climate for positive action

Please use act4climate for positive action only. All content involving hatred, intolerance, discrimination or vandalism, or in violation of the applicable systems of law may be blocked or removed. All content remains subject to the applicable systems of law. When you post content, you are the sole responsible for any legal repercussions. While we do our very best to moderate our content, act4climate.org will not take any responsibility for the actions undertaken or content posted on the platform. The views and opinions posted by users does not necessarily reflectthose of the act4climate.org initiative.

2.  Be nice

If you use act4climate, please be nice and respectful. Treat other users and other visions with respect.Should we deem your behaviour inappropriate, or in conflict with the guidelines below, we reserve our right to block your access to the site, preventing further use of the services through your account or IP-address.

3.  Privacy and data

All content posted on act4climate.org (such as content posted in topics and on your profile) is publicly visible. Please do not post sensitive or private/personal data. While act4climate is a non-profit initiative, commercial use of publicly posted data by others can not be excluded. Do not share personal data with other users. Should you decide to do so, please note that you are the sole responsible for the consequences and for your well-being, and that the identity of other online users can not be verified or guaranteed.

Act4climate uses and stores your email address for communication, and your password to provide your access to your account. While we do not share this information with third parties, and while we do our very best to keep these data secure and private, we cannot guarantee the protection of these data agains malicious attacks or data-breaches. With these inherent risks in mind, please avoid usage of your Act4climtae password for other online or services, use a spam filter, do not open any emails of unknown sources, and do not open or download files or attachments of which the security has not been verified.

4.  Cookies

Act4climate uses functional cookies only. It will not use your personal or browsing data for commercial goals, nor will it intentionally pass any of your personal data to other services or companies.

5.  Files

Users can post files on Act4climate.org. While we do our best to enforce the appropriate security measures, we can not guarantee anything as to the content of these files. Do NOT open any file if you are not sure of its content. Use a virus scanner prior to downloading or opening any file from Act4climate.org.

6.  Service as is

Act4climate is a service as is, without any guarantee of or promise about current or future functioning and operation.

7.  Age

Please do not use Act4climate when you are less than 18 years of age (or the locally legal age) unless you are accompanied by an adult. Due to its open nature, content on Act4climate.org (and the internet as a whole) may be inappropriate, explicit, violent and/or sexual in nature.Beware of the risks of sharing any identifiable or sensitive information with strangers. Act4climate can not, and does not verify the actual identity of its users.

8.  Legal

Act4climate.org is a non-profit initiative. You can contact the initiative through contact@act4climate.org.

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