Climate Positivity

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The idea of climate change can both be upsetting, scary - to people of all ages. This is further aggravated by the constant stream of often negative news that enters our lives through both traditional media and social media. It is crucial to remind ourselves that solutions are possible - and that the only real crisis is a lack of political will. Here are some key points that may help reminding us of climate positivity.

There is hope

We must never forget that how ever dire our situation may look, there is always hope. The climate movement is growing stronger every day, and industry and politics will eventually reach a tipping point where they can no longer hold off the power of the people. Also, technology is evolving at such a high pace that the amount of climate solutions is growing exponentially. The greatest possibilities and opportunities are the ones that we do not know yet. So we must never forget the power of standing together, and the tremendous opportunities brought by human creativity, solidarity and hope.

It is not black and white

Climate change, and its impact is already here. It is already all around us. Many natural disasters are worsened by climate change, or made many times more likely. Unusual draughts are already displacing millions and causing war. Therefore the question is not IF climate change will impact our world, but how much it will do so. Every action to limit climate change, makes a huge difference, and limits the damage done. So while the relation between your actions (whether it is protesting, lobbying, individual action or others) is not evident, the impact is real. Every bit we do to limit climate damage makes a difference.

The battle against climate change connects people

The world has more challenges than ever. And more than ever, will these challenges only be overcome if people stand together and act as one. The power of industry, the ultra-wealthy is huge and impacts more than climate alone. This power-behind-the-screens corrupts our politics, free media, and ordinary people's quality of life. On the other hand, online collaboration tools are a tremendous opportunity to organise people and change the status-quo. Climate change might just be the one global issue that connects us all in a battle for a decent life, true freedom, democracy and a future for the planet that we live on.

The mindful Climate activist

While you are only one moving part in a huge world, it is important to know that your actions do matter. You can only do as much, so give the best of yourself, and be happy that the cause you are fighting for is a worthy one. The world as a whole is out of your control, but you can decide which contribution you make. Positive visualisation of the future and your role in shaping that future will always be a better source of motivation than the dread and paralysis of Climate Anxiety. 

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